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Preparing your holiday home for winter

As the holiday season comes to an end, prudent holiday homeowners should be preparing their second homes for the winter Maintenance Tasks Turn off the utilities: If you don’t need to leave any heat on, electricity, water and gas can all be turned off 다운로드. If however you do have a heating system, set the temperature …

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Completing your listing

Firstly thanks for making the decision to join our community and welcome! To make it easier for you to use our website, here’s a list of the things you should have ready to complete your listing: At least two good photographs of your property (ideally 1600 x 400) Photo identification for you (passport or driving licence), …

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Exchanging Keys

Now you’ve arranged your exchange how do you go about exchanging keys? If you’re already set up as a holiday let or run your accommodation no doubt you will have a tried and tested arrangement in place 다운로드. For those who don’t let their holiday homes or are unable to greet their visitors themselves this …

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Exchange Values

ssh 파일 We understand the obvious question, you place your property on our platform, but what is a reasonable exchange? We encourage you to put a per night ‘price’ within your property description so people can see what ‘value’ you expect in return 다운로드. So, what could you save? Where could you go? The figures below …

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Our survey

다운로드 How do we rate? As a new company we are really interested in how you rate our website. While we patiently wait for those crucial first members, please take this opportunity to complete our short survey and let us know what you think of myholidayhome.exchange 다운로드. Of course we’d also love to know …

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Assessing the risks in your holiday home

While we cannot be responsible for individual behavior, we should take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of our guests. One of the ways this can be evidenced is to carry out regular risk assessments of your holiday home and other areas of your property people have access to. There are four elements to …

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