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Providing the Essentials

What essential things should you keep in the store cupboard of your holiday home, and what things would be a welcomed addition for your guests? All too often, we arrive at our holiday home shattered from the journey and sometimes very late at night 다운로드. Rushing out to the nearest shop on arrival or …

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Holiday Home Exchange versus Residential Home Swapping

When it comes to using the sharing economy to get yourself holiday, what are the options? The sharing economy is growing, one of the ways people are taking advantage of it is to holiday in new destinations by swapping, or exchanging time, in each others properties regmon. Here we look at the two most …

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Why Should I Exchange time in My Holiday Home?

Exchanging time in your holiday home has real benefits We’ve all heard of residential home swaps, thousands of people successfully exchange their residential homes with others every year 에뮬 게임 다운로드. Now by using the same principle, you can exchange your holiday home. Let’s have a look at the reasons why holiday home exchanging …

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How to make your property images look great

As we’ve said in our previous article on photographing your property, using good photos is a great way to attract plenty of interest from other holiday home owners 다운로드. So, once you’ve taken those great photos, why not make them even better with a little bit of tweaking? Your main image – the large …

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Suggested Exchange Agreement

This is a suggested letter of agreement which you may want to alter to suit your own requirements. One of you should take responsibility for completing this 정보통신망법 다운로드. Hopefully it can form the basis of an acceptable exchange agreement for you and your exchange partner. However, please do not forget that Holiday Home …

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Regular Checks

By definition your holiday home doesn’t get as much attention as your home, however you still need to make sure the property is properly maintained, and devote at least as much time and care to it as you would your primary home 울릉도 체 다운로드. It is vital you regularly check your holiday home, no …

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