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Exchanging Keys

Now you’ve arranged your exchange how do you go about exchanging keys? If you’re already set up as a holiday let or run your accommodation no doubt you will have a tried and tested arrangement in place. For those who don’t let their holiday homes or are unable to greet their visitors themselves this can …

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Our survey

How do we rate? As a new company we are really interested in how you rate our website. While we patiently wait for those crucial first members, please take this opportunity to complete our short survey and let us know what you think of myholidayhome.exchange. Of course we’d also love to know if there …

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Providing the Essentials

What essential things should you keep in the store cupboard of your holiday home, and what things would be a welcomed addition for your guests? All too often, we arrive at our holiday home shattered from the journey and sometimes very late at night. Rushing out to the nearest shop on arrival or the …

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Holiday Home Information Pack Template

This is an example Holiday Home Information Pack template. We hope it’s helpful. Please let us know if you have any other thoughts on what would be useful to include in an information pack for exchange guests using your holiday home. Complete or delete as appropriate! You can download a copy here Holiday Home Information …

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