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Preparing your holiday home for winter

As the holiday season comes to an end, prudent holiday homeowners should be preparing their second homes for the winter Maintenance Tasks Turn off the utilities: If you don’t need to leave any heat on, electricity, water and gas can all be turned off 다운로드. If however you do have a heating system, set the temperature …

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Assessing the risks in your holiday home

While we cannot be responsible for individual behavior, we should take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of our guests. One of the ways this can be evidenced is to carry out regular risk assessments of your holiday home and other areas of your property people have access to. There are four elements to …

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Regular Checks

By definition your holiday home doesn’t get as much attention as your home, however you still need to make sure the property is properly maintained, and devote at least as much time and care to it as you would your primary home 울릉도 체 다운로드. It is vital you regularly check your holiday home, no …

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