General Guidance

Our guide to holiday home exchanging

MyHolidayHome.Exchange is based on honesty, trust and commitment. We encourage all of our members to be aware of safety. Everybody can contribute to this by creating detailed property listings and profile pages.

We urge you to build up a connection with fellow owners before committing to an exchange 다운로드. When exchanging, both you and your fellow owner are trusting your holiday home to one another, this means you will both have the same questions about safety. To make sure everything goes smoothly we encourage all of our members to base exchanges on good communication. You could find fellow owners to regularly exchange with or stick to one off exchanges 옥토버 스카이 자막 다운로드.

Here are some tips to make the exchange process safe and worry free…..

Stay Informed

We are building tools to make the holiday home exchange process as easy and as transparent as possible:

  • Member Profiles, to connect a holiday home with a face
  • Property details and photo galleries
  • We will validate each member before allowing an exchange

Safe Communication

Secure Messaging via the Be Local Exchange platform will enable you to contact other members without revealing any of your contact details. You stay fully in control of your contact and home details. We take safety seriously and are dedicated to protecting your personal information at all times 다음 플레이어 동영상 다운로드. On your profile page we will never display your:

  • Full Name (only membership details will be displayed, we advise you not to release your name until you start to arrange an exchange)
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Address Location on a map (you set the map view of your holiday home to only display its approximate location)

Before accepting any exchange we recommend you:

  • Read in detail your potential exchange members profile page
  • Build your communication via our email system
  • Arrange a phone call or a Skype video call

When you have got to know the other member/s, and when you start feeling confident, you can make the decision to communicate your private information.

Be clear about what your property offers and what you want from an exchange

Holiday home exchanging is a two-sided process and both sides need to feel confident about it 다운로드. Your listing is just the starting point of your communication with other members. If you don’t regularly let your holiday home you should dedicate time to carefully complete your property and profile details. They are important sources of information about who you are, what the location and your property have to offer, and importantly where you are looking to visit in return 다운로드.

Emergency Contacts

Leave a list of contact details in your holiday home for the following emergency services:

  • Emergency local contact person’s phone number (neighbour or property manager)
  • Police and fire service number
  • Nearby hospital and dentist

Also, remember to exchange your contact numbers and your trip itinerary, in case your exchange visitor needs to get in touch with you.

Holiday Home Information

Create a folder for your holiday home enclosing details of the area, where to eat, things to do and see, how to use appliances, complex rules (if applicable) and how to unpack/pack up after your fellow owners stay 정글에서 살아남기 다운로드.


Think about how you will exchange keys or any meet and greet service that may be available at your holiday home. You could us a nearby KeyNest location and send a collection code to your guests. KeyNest will notify you when your guest collects the keys. Members who also regularly rent their holiday home will have this procedure off pat but if you don’t rent your property you may want to install a key safe to the outside of the property or exchange keys by secure post/courier service 다운로드.

Tell your neighbours/key holder

Inform anyone who might come to your holiday home unexpectedly that you have visitors. If you can, share your fellow owners arrival and departure dates with your holiday home neighbours/key holders.

Not sure if a member and their property is a match?

We will have verified all members before an exchange is finalised, but if your exchange partner is not providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision don’t hesitate to ask them to be more precise 다운로드.

People will invariably ask you to exchange your ski chalet during the peak ski season or ask for an exchange in a location you have absolutely no desire in going to. If you receive a non compatible request or you looked at their Profile and don’t think you are a holiday home exchange match, politely decline the exchange offer 다운로드. Remember, do this as soon as possible. It’s okay to say no, but it’s not okay to leave the other side waiting without a response.

Health and safety

The most important thing is to make sure your holiday home is safe, not only for fellow owners but of course for yourselves. That means no risk of gas leaks, no dodgy old electrical appliances and no highly combustible sofas. In our experience most well-kept apartments and houses should be fine 원피스 442화 다운로드.

Your property should be fully insured for use by third parties, have appropriate certifications for your gas and electrics and you’ll need to tell your visitors about fire escape routes etc. You should also make sure your furniture is fire-safe. It’s a good idea to make sure that smoke alarms are fitted (newly built properties normally have these anyway).

Need Support?

Our Support Team is here to help out with any questions or doubts. We have a dedicated team who are holiday home owners. Contact us for any assistance you might need support@myholidayhome.exchange