Exchanging Keys

by Carol
19 June 2016
Category:   Hosting Tips

Now you’ve arranged your exchange how do you go about exchanging keys?

If you’re already set up as a holiday let or run your accommodation no doubt you will have a tried and tested arrangement in place 다운로드. For those who don’t let their holiday homes or are unable to greet their visitors themselves this can be a much more daunting task.

For some locations there is a new company we recommend on our Useful Links page called KeyNest, they allow you to deposit your keys at a specified location and book a code online for your visitors to use, what a great idea 다운로드! Like us KeyNest are a new company, I am sure we will grow together and both add more locations to our offering as time goes on.

Other than this there are a few ways we also recommend you try until you find the best method for you:

  1. Get a key safe – attaching a key safe with a numeric code to the outside of your building is a secure method
  2. Use your key holder to welcome your visitors and hand over keys
  3. Post your keys in a jiffy bag by special post where the package is ‘signed for’, I have used this method, and have never had a problem with it
  4. Use a courier

Whatever method you use, make sure you are happy with it and check the keys have been picked up or delivered for peace of mind 구운몽m.

We would welcome your thoughts on this topic, how do your exchange your keys?