Holiday Home Information Pack Template

by Carol
20 September 2015
Category:   Hosting Tips

This is an example Holiday Home Information Pack template. We hope it’s helpful. Please let us know if you have any other thoughts on what would be useful to include in an information pack for exchange guests using your holiday home. Complete or delete as appropriate!

You can download a copy here Holiday Home Information Pack Template


Important Holiday Information

<<Name of property, location, country>>

Please print and take with you


We hope you are looking forward to your holiday home exchange and you have a lovely time 다운로드.

Please print this document as it contains important information about our holiday home.

The person that manages our property is  <<name of local management company/keyholder and name of person>> .

Their mobile and other numbers are:

<<name>> <<mobile and landline>> 

<<name>> <<mobile and landline>> 

Their email address is: <<email>>

Please call <<who>> when you are <<where – i.e an hour away, when you arrive at the airport  etc>>

Or please call at <<where>> at <<what times>>

If you have any trouble getting through to them please contact us at <<where>> on:

<<Your name>> <<Your phone numbers>>

If other guests are using the apartment on the day that you arrive, you can check-in after <<time>> 다운로드. If no other guests have used the apartment on the day that you arrive you can access the apartment at an earlier time however please contact us to arrange this.

Departure is by <<time>> but again we can be flexible if no other guests are due to arrive on that day.

However if you arrive later than <<time>> or earlier than <<time>> then <<what are the implications>> 공항가는길 ost. You should <<what should they do?>>

The address of our holiday home, <<name of property>> is:







From airports or major routes 

<<insert directions>>

When you get close

<<insert directions>>

What to do when you arrive 

<<insert instructions>>

<<Insert Google map highlighting the main points of interest>>


The departure time is at <<time> if there is a cross over of guests that day. If not, your departure time can be later but please arrange that with us first.

Where possible <<name>> will meet you on departure 다운로드. If not <<what will happen?>>

Please place the keys on the <<where>> before leaving and << what else – i.e ensure that the front door is shut firmly and securely behind you>>.

<<What else should they do? Turn off gas, elec or close blinds for example? >> 


Please make yourselves at home 다운로드! Have a look through the cupboards to familiarise yourself with the contents of the property. The property should be clean with clean bedding on the beds and clean towels in the cupboards. If you find anything to not be to your satisfaction please inform <<name of local contact/us>> when you arrive at the apartment.


<<What is there in the kitchen and is there any guidance needed?>>

Lounge/Dining Room

<<What is there in the kitchen and is there any guidance needed?>>

Bedrooms/ Bathrooms

<<What is there in the bedrooms and bathrooms and is there any guidance needed?>>

Outdoor furniture, balconies etc

<<What is there outdoors and is there any guidance needed?>>

<<for example “When using the balconies please be careful not to shut the sliding door behind you completely or it may lock you out if the catch is on 다운로드. Similarly be careful to make sure all sliding doors are locked before leaving the apartment.”>>


Please do not smoke in the apartment. Feel free to smoke outside but please dispose of cigarette ends responsibly.


The towels provided are for use in the apartment 내사랑. Please provide your own towels for use on the beach.


<<What is the guidance around parking and how to get into private garages for example>>

Other Facilities

<<Any guidance needed – pool, tennis court, shutters, ski equipment, ski lift, other equipment that can be used?>>

<< for example “There are shutters on all windows. We recommend you leave these shut in the day if you are out so the apartment remains secure and cool. Please be sure to close all the shutters when you finish your holiday.”>>

Heating / Air conditioning

<<what is there and how is it used 사상 최악의 참사 다운로드? Is there a charge for this?>>

<<for example “The apartment benefits from air conditioning, please feel free to use heating / air conditioning when necessary – you can find a simple switch on the kitchen wall”>>


<<anything with a peculiarity about it? A key that needs you to pull the door towards you for example>>

Water Leaks

If you have a leak of water then please turn the water tap off and call us <<our keyholder>> immediately 다운로드. The water tap can be found <<where>>.

Also water can be individually isolated (i.e. there are valves on the pipes leading to the sinks / toilets which can be turned to prevent water getting to the unit).


Please use the coasters for drinks on the furniture. Please be quick to clean up any spillages to help prevent damage 자바 64비트 다운로드. 


There are bins and recycling <<where? >>


For a large supermarket go <<where>>

For a small convenience shop go <<where>> 

Restaurants & Bars

Particular specialities of the area are <<what are they?>>

Of particular note are the following restaurants:

<<name of restaurant>> – <<where is it>> – <<what does it serve and how expensive is it?>>

<<name of restaurant>> – <<where is it>> – <<what does it serve and how expensive is it?>>

<<name of restaurant>> – <<where is it>> – <<what does it serve and how expensive is it?>>

Also you should try these bars:

<<name of bar>> – <<where is it>> – <<what does it serve and how expensive is it?>>

<<name of bar>> – <<where is it>> – <<what does it serve and how expensive is it?>>

<<name of bar>> – <<where is it>> – <<what does it serve and how expensive is it?>>


If you need to see a doctor during your stay you can call << who>> on <<what number>> The doctor can speak <<which languages>>. Alternatively you can visit the clinic <<where>>. The address of the clinic is:







<< how far in kms>> at <<which town>>

Emergency Fire, Ambulance, Police 


Hire Car

Try <<local rental>>

Coming without a car?

General Public transport details: <<bus, train, taxi information>>

Getting to the property by public transport: <<detail>>


What to do in the local area:

<<List these and include distances and phone numbers of tourist information>>