How to Arrange Your Exchange

Step 1: List your holiday home

Register as a member, add your profile and property details 흥타령 다운로드. Add as much detail about the location, the property and its facilities as you can. Your last sentence should be your per night exchange ‘value’ to give other members an idea of what you expect in return 다운로드. Add photographs to showcase your property. Don’t forget to add details of the destinations you’d like to visit.

Step 2: Search for exchanges

Begin by drawing up a list of properties you are interested in 이지환 국혼 다운로드. Narrow the list down by looking at the destinations your potential visitors have indicated they would like to go to. Send the member a message, the more offers you send, the more successful you will be 음악 불법 다운로드.

Step 3: Connect with other members

Your initial messages do not commit you to any exchanges, you are showing your interest in another members holiday home and inviting them to talk to you about their property and whether an exchange would be possible 리니지 팩.  It is understood that further correspondence will be necessary before an agreement can be made. Tell them about the advantages of your own holiday home, about the location and what it has to offer 의식의 노래 다운로드.

  • If an exchange agreement seems likely, you can then exchange further detailed information about the location and local attractions. Describe your holiday home honestly – you want members to be pleasantly surprised when they arrive as your visitors, not disappointed
  • If available, offer references from former exchange visitors

Step 4: Organise your exchange

As the field narrows down, you will ask and answer more detailed questions 다운로드. Don’t be shy about this as it is wise to avoid misunderstanding by clarifying as much as possible at this stage. There is usually much to talk about before an exchange and quite often, you and your exchange visitors will be good friends by the time the exchange arrives Macrium reflect download. If used, your Exchange Agreement Form should include:

  • The number of people in the exchange group with ages of any children
  • Arrangements for laundering used linen on completion of exchange
  • Arrangements for collecting keys (this could be your key holder, a key safe or you may make arrangements to post via special delivery) swf 게임.

You can find a suggested Exchange Agreement form here. Holiday home exchanging is a trust based arrangement and as such, it tends to attract honest, trust-worthy, decent people.  See our General Guidance for more detailed advice on how to progress your exchange 칸타테 도미노 다운로드.

It is possible that a member may want to cancel. While in some circumstances this is understandable (e.g. sudden illness), as an owner you are not obliged to offer an alternative exchange period.  Should this happen to you as a visitor please report this and the reasons for the cancellation to us, we will investigate all reports and, if necessary, we will consider cancelling a members subscription.

Exchange relationships are personal, not commercial and so there is a spirit of goodwill surrounding the arrangements. Good exchangers care as much about the comforts provided to their visitors as they do about their own.  If illness or unavoidable events make it necessary to cancel, try to find another family to take your place.


  • Your holiday home insurance should cover you for visitors (third parties) staying at your property
  • Ensure your holiday home is clean and well-organised
  • Leave a selection of store cupboard ingredients
  • Leave an information folder with: locations of essential services; appliance operating instructions; refuse and recycling instructions; telephone numbers for keyholders, doctors, etc.  Recommend shops, restaurants and area attractions; leave maps for the local area, guide books, public transport schedules and tourist brochures (free from tourist information offices).

Final Advice

Making a successful holiday home exchange requires some effort on your part. Much of this effort for example, compiling your information folder, will be necessary for your first exchange only.

Experienced exchangers know that making holiday arrangements becomes a very simple routine. Now, just relax and prepare to have a good time – with each holiday home in good hands.