Regular Checks

by Carol
2 October 2015

By definition your holiday home doesn’t get as much attention as your home, however you still need to make sure the property is properly maintained, and devote at least as much time and care to it as you would your primary home 울릉도 체 다운로드.

It is vital you regularly check your holiday home, no matter whether you have regular holiday lets or the home is just used for family, friends (and exchanges) ppt 2010 무료.  Undertaking basic maintenance regularly can help prevent more severe problems from developing down the line. There are a number of specific areas you need to be particularly vigilant about, as they are at higher risk 다운로드. Gutters should be checked for debris frequently and kept free of blockage by dead leaves and the like. Blocked gutters or external drains can lead to water collecting in undesirable places, which could ultimately cause damage to your property 거울 어플.

Your roof needs to be kept in a good state of repair. Missing tiles can lead to water penetration, this can damage internal elements such as ceilings, flooring and walls 랜드맵 다운로드. It can also be potentially disastrous if water is allowed to seep into electrical fixtures or devices. Loose tiles on the roof can also be a danger to passers-by, or neighbouring properties, as they are likely to fly off during windy conditions 다운로드.  If your property has a chimney and your fireplace is in occasional use, then it should be swept and checked for any blockages regularly.  It is particularly dangerous to use a gas fire if you have a blockage, as carbon monoxide can kill rapidly 오늘 같은 날엔 다운로드.

The plumbing is incredibly important in your holiday home, as is your gas and heating, especially if your property is left empty during the winter months 다운로드.  Cold weather can cause water to freeze and burst your pipes, so you should consider draining down your system before you leave the property and make sure it is adequately heated in your absence 다운로드. Because gas and water leaks can potentially cause immense damage to your home, in addition to raising your utility bills unnecessarily, you should have annual certified checks carried out 녹지자연도.

External landscape features such as climbing plants, trees and bushes should be kept trimmed to avoid damage from falling branches or intrusive root systems. When planting new trees, you should make certain they are positioned a safe distance from your property to prevent future subsidence issues. Before you leave your holiday home, you should always check it’s secure and all locks are fastened.