How to make your property images look great

by Webmaster
20 October 2015
Category:   Profile Tips

As we’ve said in our previous article on photographing your property, using good photos is a great way to attract plenty of interest from other holiday home owners 다운로드.

So, once you’ve taken those great photos, why not make them even better with a little bit of tweaking?

Your main image – the large one that shows at the top of your property listing – should be 1600 pixels wide by 400 or 500 pixels high revit 2020. Both the size and the proportions make that photo really sing, so here’s some help on how to get an image to look just right.  If you already have an image editor and are familiar, you can skip the rest of this piece and treat yourself to a nice cup of tea instead, but if you’d like some guidance, read on…

You’ll want to start with a landscape or panoramic image 다운로드. In fact, all the images you use on this site will ideally be wider than they are tall.  Now, get on the web and pay a visit to PicMonkey, a brilliant online tool for image editing 다운로드. It’s free AND easy to use. TIP: Make sure your images are in a folder where you can find them before you get started!

PicMonkey How-to

Once you’re at Picmonkey, hover over the Edit button.  This will cause the “Choose a photo to edit” buttons to appear 다운로드. Select Computer, and upload your image.

Picmonkey how-to2

Once you’ve uploaded your photo, you’ll see a menu bar on the left which will allow you to edit your image ftb. Your two main friends here are the Crop and the Resize buttons, but you’ll soon find that by playing with the Exposure and Colors buttons, you can get some really great results with your photos 다운로드.

Once you’ve done your first photo, I reckon you’ll be so pleased with your results you’ll find it hard to resist editing all of your images with PicMonkey 사이코메트리 그녀석 9화 다운로드!