Completing your listing

by Carol
5 July 2016
Category:   Profile Tips

Firstly thanks for making the decision to join our community and welcome!

To make it easier for you to use our website, here’s a list of the things you should have ready to complete your listing:

  • At least two good photographs of your property (ideally 1600 x 400)
  • Photo identification for you (passport or driving licence), you can take a photograph of this if you don’t have a scanner handy
  • Utility bill or similar document showing you are the registered owner of your property, again, you can take a photograph of this if you don’t have a scanner
  • Credit/debit card to make payment
  • Details about the location, the property and its facilities
  • A description of your property, including its unique features
  • Additionally, if you are a professional accommodation operator, a description of your exchange offering

If you are not sure or you can’t find the right words just yet, don’t worry! Put a couple of words in each field for now and come back to it later 다운로드. Please note however, all fields in your profile and on the property page should be completed to allow you to save what you’ve added so far. We can delay publication until you are happy with your listing, just contact us if you don’t want it published right away 다운로드.

Please let us know if you have any issues listing your property, email us at support@myholidayhome.exchange we’re here to help 내뒤의 테리우스!