Photographing your property

by Carol
27 September 2015
Category:   Profile Tips

Photos are very important for your property listing, this is what will draw potential exchange matches to your property and profile. However, we don’t all have a professional photographer on hand, so here are a few tips for taking photos with your phone or digital camera 다운로드.

1. Keep the space light

You want light to pour in to the room, don’t be tempted to close blinds or curtains, by taking away that extra sunlight, you are making your photos feel cold and unwelcoming 다운로드. Change your flash setting so it is always on, this will give some backlight where needed. If you’re concerned about the view outside of the window, play with the flash options and photograph at the brightest time of day to “blow out” the outside view (this is when the view outside of a window just looks white from being so bright) 라푼젤 무자막 다운로드.  Take some pictures of the outside of your property and the surrounding area too, make sure the sun is behind you though!

2. Turn on the lights

This is the same principle as above, you want there to be as much light as possible 다운로드. Additionally, light fittings seen in photos but not turned on will make a room feel cold and empty. Just seeing a light glow instantly warms up a space visually 다운로드. So flip those switches before you snap that photo!

3. De-clutter

Consider moving some items to the next room while you take pictures, be sure to clear all flat surfaces 다운로드. It’s amazing how just a small stack of books or your surf gear even though tucked in a corner can add so much visual clutter, this makes those walls feel much more closed in than they truly are 소설 토지 다운로드. You want clean spaces so potential exchangers can clearly imagine themselves in your space.

4. Get the best perspective

Take your photo’s towards the corner of a room, this will show the dimensions much better than a photo towards a flat wall 다운로드.  While it may seem like a good idea to stand up high and look down at the space, you are much better off crouching down a bit. An ideal shooting height is taken while kneeling, with the camera pointing straight ahead (be careful not to tilt it up or down) cj onlyone 폰트. This will help the space open up more and present a more inviting point of view for potential visitors. Also, the less distorted an image is, the easier it will be for members to get a feel of the space 소괴기 다운로드. Tilting the camera down just distorts all the vertical lines and makes it hard to feel the space. Take your photos in landscape format, vertical photos won’t showcase your home as well.

5. Keep it neutral

Try to keep the look clean and simple, that said a few splashes of color and layers of texture can go a long way in adding interest. So go ahead and toss in those throw pillows!

Once you have taken your photographs, you can edit them to make them look even better, see our tips about ‘How to make your property images look great’ here.